Unifirm Defence

Since 2008, Unifirm has continued to serve the Turkish Defense Industry under the name of Defense Industry. Within the scope of modernization, spare parts production, original design in line with the needs, product development based on the project, and increasing the rate of localness in production are within the effort.

As a result, our company has established commercial relations with USA, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Russia and Ukraine. Bangladesh Armed Forces continues to export spare parts.


– Production of American-originating military vehicle spare parts (M-48,M-52,M-60, M113),

– Russian vehicle spare parts production (BTR-60,BTR-80)

– Spare parts of mobile Saharan units found in the inventory of TSK Logistics Command,

– Kamaz truck spare parts,

– Land Rover Jeep, Mercedes and MAN Truck spare parts,

– Kbrn / NBC hose.

With our many years of experience, the catalogue work of the existing products has been completed and is being developed every day. In this way, the corporate structure of the company is developed and living memory is created in terms of product knowledge, experience and experience.

The product description is presented on subsequent pages.